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Unsolicited Testimonial

I've been a fan of Art in the Age's ROOT "root tea" liquer ever since I noticed it in Pennsylvania state stores back in the spring. It's a "root beer" flavored liquer that is not sweet, and is strong. I like cutting it 3 to 1 with seltzer for a 16oz rootbeer that's 10% ABV.

Today I noticed they have a new liquer in stores, called SNAP. It's a "ginger snap" flavored liquer that is not sweet, but is spicy and ginery and strong. It smells like gingerbread, it tastes like gingerbread, but it kicks like scotch at 80 proof. You can sip it as a post-prandial, or mix it. AitA recommends several things, including cider and lemonade as mixers, but again, even seltzer does the trick.

These things may not be available in stores in every state, but if your state allows mail order liquor, there are a couple of web sites that carry it. I think stores in PA, NJ, SC, and CO carry it so far.

This has been an unsolicited testimonial. I have not been reimbursed by AitA to post this, though I may have been inspired.

2010.10.19 at 7:30pm EDT

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