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The Question

The question on my mind is whether Republican victories yesterday are enough to get business leaders (Republicans) to stop holding our country's economy hostage or not. There's plenty of money out there. Businesses can borrow it for basically nothing, and taxes are still lower than they've been in the past 75 years. Businesses are just not spending. They are hoarding their cash instead of expanding, improving their facilities, or hiring workers.

Now, we all know and understand that if, despite Republican control of the majority of state governments and half of the federal government, the economy doesn't improve more rapidly (it's already improving, by the way) starting in February, the Republicans will continue to blame the remaining Democrats for everything. That's a given. However, if this election proves anything it's that in two years, people can forget why they ever voted for you.

2010.11.03 at 9:30am EDT

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