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Beard 2010

For no real reason, I decided that instead of letting my full beard grow out this winter, I would try letting just my VanDyke style beard grow out. Normally, I keep it trimmed down to about a quarter inch, but some of these bard hairs are getting pretty long. The beard itself down't seem to be getting much longer, though. The hairs seem brittle, and I think they're breaking before they get all that long. I might keep up this experiment, or I might not. I am considering shaving off the whole thing in march, though. I've had this beard since 1993, though I shaved the beard part off for a job for three months back in 1996. Back in my twenties, I still looked like a teenager. I wonder what my now fully adult face looks like without hair on it?

2010.11.15 at 12:00am EDT

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