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Welcome to December

I have lots to talk about, but no time to write it all down. We went on vacation and saw a bunch of stuff, and I hope to post some pictures. I've been doing some woodworking and hope to post some pictures once all the projects are finished. I still have a pile of tools to review. I'll get to all that, I'm sure.

Today, I want to talk about driving. It snowed today, the first day in December. Monday, my car's odometer clicked over (They don't "roll" over any more, they're digital.) to 100,000 miles in just under 11 years of driving it. It's still doing mostly OK, but I don't trust it implicitly like I used to. I can probably afford a new car, but I want to wait for the 2012 Focus to come out so I can include it in my selection process. That means driving this aging vehicle through another Pittsburgh winter.

Today, on my way to work, I watched the person just behind me akid out and almost completely lose it on a highway curve at about 60 miles per hour. That driver recovered fine, but it kind freaked me out. Sigh.

2010.12.01 at 11:00am EDT

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