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Check Yourself Out

If you live in a modern part of the world, you have probably been exposed to the modern retail trend of "self check-out" lines. These lines have you do the job of casier for yourself, for free. Retailers like them because they can have more checkout lines open without having to pay more cashiers to run them. Some consumers like them because it is often faster than waiting for live person, and they don't mind doing somebody else's formerly paid job for free. Usually, I am willing to wait to have a person check out my purchases and accept my payment. The other night we stopped at a supermarket for a couple of items and were presented with a checkout area that had ZERO live cashiers. There were four self-check lines and no regular lines. Fortunately, the front-end manager was willing to get up and run my purchase when I asked, but we seriously almost just put our stuff down and walked out. I understand these decisions are not made by the staff of the store but by the manager, so I tried to be really nice about it, but seriously it's not very hospitable for there to be zero cashiers in a store.

2011.01.06 at 11:00am EST

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