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Two Cedar Jubako

Did some woodworking back in December, and since one of these was a gift for Sharon, I couldn't post about it until after the holidays.

The most interesting part about these is that I started with cheap cedar planks. I started with 1x6 that had only been planed on one side, ripped it lengthwise to make thinner wood, then planed it down to quarter inch thickness. I used to have to buy thin wood like this, but now I can manufacture it at home myself. Yay!

Cedar 3-Tier Jubako

This one has squares of 1x6 for the bottom of each box, so it's a little small. It was good practice though, with the planing, sanding, joining, and finishing.

Cedar 4-Tier Jubako

This one's a little larger. I started with 1x8 for the bottoms, so they are big enough inside for sixteen tama each. Both are finished with boiled linseed oil.

2011.01.19 at 12:00am EST

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