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Braids of Experimentation and Completion

Finished up a couple of braids recently, and together they round out a nice chunk of history. These two braids are numbers 99 and 100 in my records. Whew.

Red and White Shige Uchi

This is more experimentation with cotton crochet thread. I'm not sure I like what it does in a shige uchi braid, the tensions are all wrong and the pattern, which should be nice, gets covered up in places. I don't think this thread is flexible enough for this braid. It should work well for some other braids, though. I just have to find out what those braids are.

Almost Sawagata Gumi

I decided to try out Makiko Tada's sawagata gumi using some nice silk yarn I picked up while on vacation in November. The yarn is great. It's more of the "Mulberry Silk" brand I've used before and enjoyed. The braid is a 24-strand monstrosity with five pages of instructions. Unfortunately, those instructions don't actually illustrate all of the movements you're supposed to make. So OK, to begin with it's not right. Next, I did it in installments over the course of three SCA events and four weekends. There are a number of errors. It's difficult to keep track of where you are in five pages of instructions when you're talking to people and packing it up for a week in between sessions. Anyway, so like normal my first try at something isn't perfect. You kind of have to know what you're looking at to know that, so it doesn't bother me too much.

2011.01.31 at 12:00am EST

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