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International Revolution Time

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has announced that he wishes to die a martyr, but I think think the coolest thing the Libyan people could do it deny him that. Let him die at a ripe old age, retired. It's sad he feels he has to martyr Libyans first, turning himself into a war criminal who cannot be allowed the luxury of retirement or exile.

So far, at least, Egypt has been cooler. The new government is seeking to reclaim illicit funds, and I'm sure they will prosecute any crimes they might find evidence of, but for now they have simply made Hosni Mubarak irrelevant.

I was in the ninth grade when we were basically at war with Libya. It was kind of a one-sided war, given that we mostly just bombed the heck out of them, but it was definitely war. We killed a bunch of people, including little kids, so it must have been war. In any case, the goal we sought through a few days of bombing may finally be in sight after 25 years of simply waiting. I'm sure more people have died in a quarter century of waiting than died from our bombing, but somehow it doesn't seem as relevant to politics. That's just life.

2011.02.23 at 7:00am EST

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