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Rectangular Braid in Red and White

I decided to try a brand new type of braid recently, the hira yatsu "flat eight" braid.

Hira Yatsu in red and white

This is an awesome braid, and I'm glad I finally tried it out. I used four threads of cotton crochet thread per strand, so this braid came out nice and hefty. The hira yatsu braid is not as flat as the yatsu sen or hira nami braids. It is much more rectangular in cross-section. Much like the kaku yatsu square braid, it's easy to get vertical stripes running down the braid, and easy to get "rings" or "waves" by using a different arrangement of starting threads.

One of the reasons I took so long to try this braid is that the instructions I have for it make it seem difficult. It's really very easy and fast. I should make my revised instructions available.

2011.04.26 at 12:00am EDT

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