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Shibori Kosode

First, spend two days learning how to dye fabric. Then, make stuff from the fabric.

Kosode in shibori-dyed linen

Kosode in shibori-dyed silk

These two garments are a bit garish, but they show off most of the dozen or so techniques we learned over ten hours of class with Jan Myers-Newbury. What an excellent class; we learned so much and had tons of fun. Dying fabric is so much easier when somebody else mixes big pots of dye for you, and you have a bunch of other people to help with the stirring and stuff.

The class was mostly geared towards creating blocks for quilting, but luckily for me one rectangle looks the same as another! I brought in enough panels to make two kosode from our classroom experiments.

2011.05.06 at 12:00am EDT

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