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Finally, a Reasonable Sageo Braid

I've been experimenting with braids lately, and finally came up with a reasonable way to make sageo type braids.

Black sageo with white accents

Sageo cords are the cords used to secure the scabbard (saya) of Japanese swords into the waistband of your garment. Looking at photographs, ti always seemed like the braids had nine strands, so it took me a while to figure out how to do a flat braid with nine strands. It's essentially the same square braid pattern I used for braid 96 and other braids, but the ninth strand opens up the braid to create a flat braid with the same twill structure.

The material is an intersting embroidery thread that a friend of mine bought off ebay but didn't like. It says "silk" on the package, but the Internet tells me it's actually rayon. It looks good and braids well, so I'm sure I'll find a use for it in future braids.

2011.07.06 at 12:00am EDT

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