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More Twill Braids

I've been doing quite a bit of braiding recently, but been neglecting to post about it.

Dark Red Sageo

I am still planning on giving the first sageo-type braid to the person who gave me the thread, so I wanted one of these for myself. I used polyester embroidery thread, 24 threads per strand.

Red Silk Sageo

I realized that I still had a bunch of this great silk yarn from "Mulberry Silk", so I decided to do another sageo braid, this time in real silk. Since the yarn is thicker, I only had to use two plies of yarn per strand.

Heavy Red Silk Sageo

Here's what it looks like if you use three plies of the same yarn per strand. It's also twice as long as the previous braid, since most real sageo appear to be a bit longer than two yards.

Silk Twill Braid

At this point, I realized I was using up red yarn at a much higher rate than I was using up white yarn. To try and even that out a bit, I decided to try Rodrick Owen's 17-strand "Taku on Maru" braid again. This has 4 strands of red and 13 strands of white.

2011.07.16 at 12:50am EDT

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