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My Second Suikan

I did my first of these a couple of months ago, but I needed to make another for Pennsic. What do you do if you're asked to lend Japanese garb to His Majesty the Prince of your kingdom when you don't actually have any extra garb to lend? Start sewing, of course.

Red Linen Suikan

All the braid is store-bought, unfortunately, since I already have several large braiding projects to work on before this one. Red and white are the signature colors of our kingdom, and I think the gold silk kikutoji make nice accents.

His majesty is about my height, but as a fighter he is a little more muscular and broader across the shoulders. This garment is tolerant of varying sizes, though.

Back of Suikan

It sure is red, isn't it?

2011.07.18 at 12:00am EDT

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