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Bead Braids 2011

I've given away most of the bead braids I made last year, so my "stock" has been running pretty low. I bought a bunch of beads back in the spring, but I've been too busy doing other things to make braids with them. That problem, at least, is now solved.

Red and Black Frosted Bead Braid

Red and White Silvered Bead Braid

Iridescent Bead Braid with Donut Bead

Black and Gold Bead Braid

Red and "White" Wine Bead Braid

Violet and Green Bead Braid with Donut Bead

A fair amount of experimentation going on here, with different braiding patterns and color patterns. I even ran out of 10 pound fishing line and had to switch to 8 pound.

The donut beads were a nice idea. The gray one is held in a loop at one end of the braid, and now I need a better toggle to complete it. The green bead is held on with a simple string of beads.

2011.10.18 at 12:00am EDT

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