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Shogi Project

It's been a long while since I made some time to go down into the basement and bang on wood. This weekend I finally got sick of it and headed down to make something I've been wanting for a while. Behold, my new shogi stool.


While folding camp stools look fine, are widely available, and are quite affordable; when you get into the details, true shogi are noticeably different. They tend to be a bit taller, roughly 18" instead of roughly 12". The crossbars are at the very bottom of the legs instead of most of the way down. The crossbars usually seem to be round instead of square in cross section.

I took a few short cuts on this project, because I really wanted it to be a one day project: there are marks on the wood from the circular saw, the wood is completely unfinished, the "hinge" hardware is zinc-plated stuff from Lowe's, and the sewing on the seat was not planned very well. On the up side: the verticals are mortised into the crossbars, the cross bars are nice sturdy 1.25" dowels, the fabric is a swanky color of heavy duck, and the crossbars are "reinforced" with brass strips like I have often seen in photos.

2011.10.31 at 12:00am EDT

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