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Kyo Kara Gumi Video

In case you were wondering how hard it is to braid the 24-strand kyo kara braid I posted yesterday, the answer is, "Not that hard, really, but it does take 54 steps. Those 54 steps only take about 3 minutes, and each iteration produces almost an inch of braid. It might seem difficult to remember all 54 steps, but if you watch this video you can see it's pretty simple.

This video is also the first video I've posted to Vimeo. I've previously posted all my videos to YouTube, but YouTube decided that I can no longer log in to YouTube using the YouTube account that I have always used to log in to YouTube. Instead, I'm supposed to create a Google account, or link my YouTube account to an existing Google account. My response to that contains the first profanity I have ever posted to this blog: Fuck you, Google.

2011.11.16 at 12:00am EDT

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