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Hatadai on the Workbench

Here's a picture of the woodworking project that's (literally) on my workbench right now. I just finished up getting all the pieces cut, and this is the first "dry fit" to see if it assembles.


It is a Japanese hatadai banner stand. Once it's done, I'll be able to slide a vertical pole down through the hole the top cross-piece to rest in the socket of the bottom cross-piece. This vertical pole will probably fly a hata-jirushi style banner. There are actually two concentric sockets in the lower cross-piece so that it can accept large and small diameter poles, and a removable adapter plug in the top cross-piece.

The most notable aspect of this project from a personal perspective is that the whole thing is assembled using mortise and tenon joinery instead of fasteners. I hand-cut twenty mortise and tenon joints with saw and chisel. The joinery isn't perfect, but you can see that the joints are tight enough to have it stand up without glue.

Next, I need to stain the pieces, asseble it with glue for durability, and put a coat or two of some kind of finish on it.

2011.11.17 at 12:00am EDT

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