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Finishing Touches

You might remember the Ko-Karabitsu Project from about a year ago. I had a new finishing technique that I wanted to try out, and it seemed like the perfect guinea pig.

So Shiny

The main constituent of the finish is a new version of an old standby. Minwax has made a colored polyurethane for years, but now they finally make it in black. I thought it might make a good replacement for lacquer. It does, but it is just as difficult as ever to get a smooth glossy finish using this stuff.

Eventually, I just decided to try another technique on top. I blew gold-colored metal dust onto the wet finish, producing a simple version of the Japanese maki-e finish. True maki-e would form a picture of some kind, too, but I wasn't ready to try that yet.

2011.12.07 at 12:00am EDT

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