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Kingdom Braids 2011

I finally finished up a 13 braid project over the weekend. This project occupied the majority of my braiding time, which explains the relative dearth of braiding posts over the past two months.

13 8-strand braids

These braids are not just medallion cords in Aethelmearc Kingdom colors, they are all 13 of the 8-strand braids in Jacqui Carey's book, "Creative Kumihimo". Some of those braids I have done a dozen or more times (probably 6 dozen for 8K), but at leat one of them I have only done once before, and maybe two of them never before.

It was fun to work my way through all 13 of these braids (in order, naturally), and instructive in a Mr. Miyagi kind of way. I'm kind of at a loss regarding what to do now, though. I don't want to get wrapped up in a big 24 or 32 strand braid, but I'm a bit tired of 8-strand braiding right now. Maybe I should do a bunch of 9-strand braid. I still need some for sleeve cord.

2011.12.19 at 11:30am EST

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