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Last Braids of 2011

I've been braiding a bit lately to round out the year, and here they all are.

Silky Hira Nami

This braid was actually made using silk yarn I measured out but then decided not to you for braid 154. The original concept for that braid didn't have any black, but I decided it was necessary.

Thin Baronial Sageo Cord

A 9-strand true shige uchi braid, this braid was also done with 24 plies of polyester embroidery thread per strand, in the traidtional fashion. That wasn't really enough, I think it came out too narrow. I'll use more next time.

Silk Western Medallion Cord

Now, in lace weight silk yarn, 24 plies per strand is plenty. This might have been an over-reaction, but it's a nice length. It's in SCA West Kingdom colors, and might be a medallion cord. The next three braids are also medallion cord lengths, and in West Kingdom colors, but they are made with four plies of #10 cotton crochet thread per strand. I figured I might need some presents for Westies in the near future, so these would be nice to have on hand.

Creative Kumihimo 8N

Creative Kumihimo 8C

9-Strand Shige Uchi

The first two were done as more practice in those under-practiced braids from the Creative Kumihimo project. I love the way the color pattern came out in the 8C braid.

I had a very productive 2011 braidwise. Braid 100 was the first braid of the year, and I did a couple dozen braids for the armor project. That's more than a braid a week! Many of these braids are relatively short, but still, sometimes I was completing a braid a day for several days ech week.

Have a good new year!

2011.12.31 at 12:00am EDT

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