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Toolsday: Height Gauge

As an added bonus to this review, I am not cutting and pasting any content, so we will see how many times I can actually type the words "height gauge" correctly.

I can hear you now. "That piece of plastic and short ruler cost $15?" I know; I know, but this this is so useful you will thank yourself for getting one. More accurate ones and fancy digital ones are also available in case $15 isn't quite enough..

Trend Height Gauge

There are two main ways to use this device. The first is prongs down to measure the height of a table saw blade or router bit. The second is prongs up to measure the depth of a hole, slot, or mortise. It can also be used horizontally the measure the distance between, say, a router table fence and the opposite side of a router bit. I have also used it as an impromptu marking gauge when my two combination squares were already holding important numbers.

The ruler passes through the body of the gauge, and the little toggle switch you can see there locks the ruler in place. A bevel you can't see in this photo makes it really easy to read measurements off of the ruler. The ruler is the same length as the prongs, so when you set it upright with the little "feet" on a saw or router table, the amount of ruler above the body is equal to the gap below the ruler.

The hole you see in one of the legs is a modification I made to the tool. Without it, it's difficult to hang the tool on a hook. Why this hole is not part of the design is totally beyond me.

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2012.01.24 at 12:00am EST

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