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Toolsday: Level

I'd say that the most common household handyman tasks I do are things like putting up a shelf, hanging a picture, or putting together ome furniture. I'm sure you can figure out a way to use a level for the third one, and the first two are obvious.

Small Box Level

This is my favorite level right now. Sharon has a "torpedo level" which is very handy, and I also have a "pocket level" which is a little easier to carry around, but this one is handy all around. A "beam level" is usually longer, which makes it less convenient to store, carry around, and use. This one iss exactly 12 inches long, which makes it a good reference object. The body is ABS plastic, so it has proved to be durable.

This level is super handy for putting up shelves and pictures. Its big flat base helps it stand up on its own. The boxing around the edges makes it easy to clamp to things, which will make it handy if I ever get around to that fence project I want to do. The ruler isn't super accurate, but it's useful for when you're up on a stepstool and don't want to be juggling multiple tools.

The only down side to this particular model is that it's difficult to hang on a pegboard. I managed to figure out how to use a really big hook to go through one of the available holes, but I'm always worried about cracking the tube in that hole.

This particular model should only cost you five bucks or so, and it's really worth having.

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2012.01.31 at 12:00am EST

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