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Desktops "Shibori" and "Shibori 2"

Almost a year ago, Sharon and I took a class in Japanese Shibori dying. Shibori is like tie-dying, only a greater variety of binding techniques are used. Here's a desktop image made from one of the pieces of fabric we dyed in that class.

This pattern was created by wrapping the fabric around a piece of PVC pipe, and then schrunching it down to one end of the pipe.

Over the weekend, Sharon and I did a couple of batches of dying down in the basement. Here's a desktop from that session.

This time, I sewed the fabric into a long tube, slid that tube onto the pipe, and scrunched it down as hard as I could to one end of the pipe. The fabric was dyed twice, once in golden yellow, and once in carmine red. I don't know when this will be made into a kosode, but it will be quite eye-catching.

Feel free to download these images for use as desktops. I use the brown one on my personal laptop.

2012.02.28 at 12:00am EST

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