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Cranes Kosode and Green Yukata

I've actually been doing quite a bit of sewing recently, but I haven't been blogging about that either. Much of my sewing has been centered on making five white kosode before Pennsic, to use as white "undershirt" layers, but a couple of other things so far have snuck in.

Cranes Kosode

I found this terrific cream cranes fabric in a fabric boutique down in the strip district called "Loom". It was calling out to me to be a kosode, so I made this back in January and wore it to a local event.

Green Yukata

A yukata is an unlined cotton garment, much like a kosode, but stretching from the shoulders to the ankles. It's typically worn as the most casual of casual wear, at festivals and to the baths. That's what I'm probably going to mostly use this for, a bathrobe. My mundane bathrobe was getting a bit old, so I made this to use all summer, including Pennsic. I used this cotton print green sakura fabric that is decorated with little flowers. I also made a belt out of some leftover blue linen.

2012.03.05 at 12:00am EST

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