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Vacation Braids

Sharon and I are actually so used to braiding in our leisure time these days that we even take braiding on vacation. We take apart our marudais, pack up the tama, and worry about whether we should pack fishing weights in our luggage or try to carry them on to the plane.

We took a trip to visit some relatives, so I did some fun 8-strand braids because that meant carrying less equipment.

Flat cotton braid in black and gold

I normally do this braid in monochrome, but setting up the colors correctly produces this intriguing maze-like pattern.

Round cotton braid in red and white

I was hoping to get a young child interested in helping me with this straightforward braid, but they are so easily distracted.

Flat cotton braid in black and gold

This braid produces chevrons if you separate the colors top and bottom, but separating them side to side produces this excellent tartan-like pattern.

2012.04.19 at 12:00am EDT

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