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Baronial Kataginu

I wanted to have a kataginu with the populace badge of the local barony on it. The Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands (BMDL) is having a birthday party for itself this weekend, and I wanted to show some spirit. For some reason I am really not interested in learning how to screen print. I really should, one of these days, but I don't like doing work just to save myself work. Anyway, I have fabric paint and brushes.

Front Lapels


For the large image on the back, I just sketched it in with tailor's chalk and then painted. For the small ones on the front, I printed the design on cardstock, cut out the important sections, then 'sketched' them in using an almost dry brush before painting them by hand.

Everything has two coats of paint, and was ironed at the hottest temperature to set the paint into the linen. The photos really suffered from the JPEG compression, but I have a nicer image of the front lapel badging. Remind me to run a lint roller over this before I wear it.

2012.05.18 at 12:00am EDT

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