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More Hata-Jirushi Banners

I'm not sure why making these banners is so much fun for me, but it is. I had a busy week last week and made four more hata-kirushi style banners painted with various SCA heraldry.

Four Red Banners

From left to right: Clan Yama Kaminari clan mon, CYK clan mon with subordinate One Knight Inne household badge, AEthelmearc populace badge, and Clan Yama Kaminari clan mon again.

The Aethelmearc banner is 100% linen, but the other three are that linen/rayon blend that Jo-Ann sells. It's not as nice to wear, but it makes a good banner. All of the designs were stencilled and hand-painted using Jacquard "Neopaque" acrylic fabric paints. Each design has at least two coats of paint on all elements, but the red dye is so energetic that most of the white paint turned a little pink.

2012.06.13 at 7:30am EDT

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