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My New Million Dollar Idea

My idea is for a a scavenger hunt app for smart phones. The app presents a list of riddles that are clues. The answer to each riddle is a commercial product. To get credit for the solution, you have to go into a retail store and use your phone's camera to scan the shelf tag for that item. Each item would be (of course) a sale item, or located right next to a sale item. Get enough answers and you get a coupon or something. Really it's just a way to convince you to go through the whole store looking at things.

I'm thinking Target or Best Buy would love to trick you into going around their store looking at stuff.

The key is to make some of the clues really hard, so that very few people will get them all. Then you can have a national leaderboard, and bigger prizes.

2012.07.11 at 10:30am EDT

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