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Tokens, Trinkets, Baubles, and Beads

One of the SCA traditions I find most endearing is the practice of leaving small tokens along side the arts and sciences displays that you enjoy. Normally these tokens are beads or ribbons, but some of them (typically those from other artisans or from SCA royalty) are more elaborate. I've always had a weakness for trinkets and small prizes, so it always tickles me to receive these things, and I try to make sure to bring some of my own tokens with me so I can leave them with others. Here are the tokens left for me at the Pennsic 41 A&S Display:

Tokens from Pennsic 41

The one in the center is the site token for Pennsic, and hanging from it is the token for teaching a class in Pennsic University. I believe that the oak leaf bead on the red ribbon was left for me by her Highness the Noyiqan of Aethlmearc, and the coin was left for me by her Majesty the Queen of Aethelmearc.

A few years ago I made some brass bunny badge tokens, and I still have some left, though I've since switched to some bunny beads I found online. You can sort of see one on the same jump ring that holds the instructor token. I still need to braid up some black and gold braids to fancy them up a little bit.

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