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Mini-Projects - Two Small Boxes

Not everything I make is a big deal. For example, these two small boxes. I only spent a couple of hours making each of these, and they're mostly made from scrap wood I had in the basement. They're not even going to be used for something fancy, they just needed to be a particular size, and rather than searching for boxes exactly the right size I decided to make them.

Small Box One

The first is a box for holding index cards. I keep track of my braids and braiding patterns on 3"x5" index cards, and as I keep filling up cards the cards keep filling up card boxes. This box should take a couple of years to fill up. It's roughly 5"x5" on the inside, and a little deeper than 3" of course. The lid a tad loose fitting. The whole thing is made of that cedar I like using, and finished with boiled linseed oil. It is fastened with nails, because I was feeling lazy, but the corners have simple Japanese-stye overlap joints. I actually made this one back just before Pennsic.

Small Box Two

I made this one at the end of last week. It's made from cypress, and is a bit larger. It is meant to hold 16 braiding tama. The tama are about 1.5 inches in diameter, so the inside of this box is roughly 6.25" square to give them a little wiggle room. I didn't do the semi-fancy joinery at the corners the way I did on the first box, though I did use wooden pegs for fastening. Again, I finished it with linseed oil.

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