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Friendly Lumber

So this friend of mine has a saw mill.

The Mill

It's small enough that he can drag it around with a truck, but it's still pretty big. It has an intimidating band saw, and some nice controls to get smooth slices off a log.

It turns out that milling lumber can be kind of fun, and now he has some large stacks of it that he'd like to get rid of.


This is all cherry that he cut from some felled trees. There are two more stacks behind the big one you can see. The short stack in front is some of the best stuff that's he's shuffled up front so people can buy it without digging. Anyway, it's a lot of cherry lumber and he needs to free up some room.

I bought ten board feet of 2-inch thick lumber that I'm probably going to make some marudai out of. I cut it into 5-foot lengths so it would be easier to get it in my car.

Piece Number 1

Piece Number 2

That's a 12 inch ruler sitting on top for scale. You can see that these are some nice big pieces of lumber. He quoted me an excellent price, too. I paid less per board foot for this extra-thick cherry than I did for the standard-thickness walnut from a few weeks ago. He said the price definitely goes even farther down if you want a bunch of it.

Anyway, if you're at all interested in this stuff, and can go pick it up in Monroeville some time, drop me a line or give me a call and I'll give my friend your contact information.

2012.09.22 at 5:00pm EDT

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