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Karabitsu Sleds Mini-Project

We have all these karabitsu, right? The legs come off to make it easier to store and transport them, but sitting on the floor in the basement isn't going to be good for them in the long term. We get water in the basement sometimes, and storing them under this storage shelf unit means they have to be slid back and forth to get into them.

Karabitsu on Sleds

After struggling with several stopgap solutions to this situation, I gave up and built some sleds. The karabitsu rest on the sleds, the sleds keep the karabitsu up off the floor and have handles and glides to make it easier to slide them in and out like drawers. More pictures and information at the Karabitsu Sleds project page.

2012.09.26 at 9:30am EDT

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