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Cypress Karabitsu Project

I made another karabitsu, but this one is kind of special. For one, it's entirely out of cypress, making it the first full-size karabitsu I've made without plywood. Second of all, I did it entirely by hand. I started from commercially available and mechanically planed lumber, but I only used hand tools for cutting, shaping, and assembling. Lastly, there are no metal fasteners at all in this project. It is constructed entirely out of cypress, including the hand-made cypress pegs that secure the joinery. The only modern material in this project is glue, and the project is finished with linseed oil.

Cypress Karabitsu

The inside is roughly 18.75"x10.875"x10.5". It took me a long time to make.

2012.10.01 at 12:00am EDT

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