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Green Linen Hitatare Project

This is meant to be a recreation of the green hitatare kamishimo that is dated in Mitsuo Kure's book as being "Mid-Kamakura", only without all the fabric painting.

Hitatare and Hakama

The fabric is a nice heavy green linen from "". I didn't want this project to wait around for me to braid the trim, so all that is store bought. I had enough extra fabric to make a kataginu, but I think it might look a little funny to wear an unadorned kataginu with hakama that have kotsuyu. I still have to make the proper undergarments. I have fabric for them but may not have time for several weeks. Anyway, more pictures at the Green Linen Hitatare project page.

2012.10.10 at 10:00pm EDT

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