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Upcycled Marudai

I have piles of "scrap" wood in the basement. Pieces of wood that are too small to do most useful things with, but too large to throw away with a clear conscience. A few months back, somebody on the block was throwing away an old crib. I snagged the two large sides, and busted the spindles out of them, fiuring that they would be good for making tall marudai, as long as I dind't care what those marudai looked like. So, this project was born. Take scrap wood from the basement, practice making marudai with some new processes, join them with the used spindles, and have some extra marudai that I can let go for cheap.

Marudai 21 Marudai 22 Marudai 23 Marudai 24

So, if anybody in the Pittsburgh area is interested in trying out kumihimo braiding on the marudai without having to invest a lot of money, send me some email. Beleive me, these marudai are not worth shipping. I also have some lightweight tama I can sell you for cheap if you need some of those, too.

Mor information and some close-ups of the mirrors are available on the Upcycled Marudai project page.

2012.10.15 at 12:00am EDT

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