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Mini-Project: Sewing Box Bits

Earlier this year, Sharon and I each bought a Japanese sewing box from an antique store to use as a kind of toolbox for our braiding materials. This was not an expensive undertaking since neither of these antiques is super old, and neither was in perfect shape. Both of them were missing a few little bits that were probably damaged at some point and discarded, or maybe just misplaced.

Anyway, one of my mundane powers is making things like that, so: me to the rescue!

Here is what the box looks like all closed up. You can see this box has four drawers and there's a hinge in the top so it can flip open.

Sewing Box

If we look inside the lid, there's a covered portion, and a little bin off to the left. I made the cover and a small box that fits in the bin.

Bits in Place

Here's the lid pulled out so you can see it. It's just a rectangle of quarter-inch cedar with a hole drilled through it. Getting it just the right size so that it rests on a little ridge that runs around the inside of the box was the hard part.


This little box will one day have a traditional square pincushion in it, but for now it's just a little bin of miscellaneous items. The walls of the box are some thin cypress I cut on the band saw and then mitered by hand for the corners. The bottom of the box is a square of quarter-inch cypress that I rabbeted by hand so it would set half-inside the walls. None of it is actually square. The opening it fits into is slightly rectangular, so the box fits better one direction than the other.

Pin Box

So here's the beauty shot of this mini-project:

Sewing Box Bits

Anyway, long post for a short project. If you look closely at the back corner just below the top, you can see a little slot. There is supposed to be a ruler sticking out of that slot, so one day I will have to make a ruler.

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