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Farewell Dusty Thermo

If you have completely ransacke dmy web site, you have no doubt seen pictures of the venerable Dusty Thermo, the star of Eeyore's Ford Focus. Well, Dusty got sent out to pasture yesterday. Nothing major, no smashy smashy, I just didn't feel I could rely on a 13 year old car any more. I traded Dusty in on a brand new 2013 Focus (Pictures later).

Anyway, I really blame my local garage. They replaced my alternator back in August, and the "new" alternator died on my way home from work on Thursday night. I'd been saying since the day I bought my Focus in 1999 that the first time it ever really stranded me someplace, I would replace it. I'd had enough of that B.S. with may first car, a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am I bought used, to want to put up with an unreliable vehicle ever again. Sharon was a bit surprised I carried through on my threat, but the I've had almost seven years since Dusty was paid off to save up money for my next car. I definitely knew this day was coming eventually, so yesterday it was.

OK, so almost 13 years of nearly trouble free car was enough to convince me to give the Ford Focus a second go. I wound up buying a 2013 Focus, though this time I got a hatchback. It's a bit more expensive than the last one, but it has a few fancy features like a moon roof and electric buttwarmers in the front seats.

I'll admit I was more than a bit choked up to leave Dusty Thermo behind at the dealer, though. I'd grown quite attached to that car over the past almost 13 years. Farewell.

2012.11.17 at 8:30am EST

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