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Sharon and I went to see local band Silencio last night at hipster bar Brillobox. This band formed about a year ago, and plays music written and inspired by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. Lots of tunes from "Twin Peaks" and "Lost Highway" last night, with a good measure of original stuff from their album. This band totally owns everything they play, infusing it with enthusiasm and cool.

The upstairs performance room at Brillobox is absolutely the best room I can imagine for this band, with its funky Victorian wallpaper, checkerboard linoleum, black paint job, pop art, and plush red curtains. If only the standardly rude Pittsburgh audience would have shut their noise holes for even just a minute, this concert would have been perfect. The lead singer had such a hard time hearing herself sing over these boneheads that her monitors caused feedback.

They've been touring around quite a bit this past year, even playing SxSW at one point. They feel like they've had an enjoyable year and I'd love to see them be successful playing new music in this genre that I really enjoy.

2012.11.30 at 12:00am EST

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