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Winter Flu

At first, I thought I had caught this flu from one of my nieces, but yesterday at work it seemed like a huge percentage of the people at work are also sick. I haven't felt that bad, really, but Saturday I spent all day on the couch trying to read but mostly just sleeping. I feel like I'm getting better now. Maybe tomorrow I'll go back to the gym.

Here's an idea for a smart phone app. You scan the bar code of a medication when you buy it, then enter the expiration date from the package. When the medication expires, the app lets you know which thing to dispose of.

Last night I drank a hot steamy mug of flu medication that (I noticed this morning) expired in 2009. I woke up this morning feeling restored, by which I mean that I felt like I had spent the preceding eight hours mostly dead.

2013.01.08 at 10:00am EST

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