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Music Review 2012

Sigur Ros, Valtari

A ship. A ship at sea. A mirage? Slowly, I drown. So slowly, I swim to a new world. ...and if that doesn't help you decide, maybe Sigur Ros isn't your band.

Stereolab, Space Age Bachelor Pad Music

I have a bunch of Stereolab's stuff, but for some reason I had never picked up this seminal album from this poppy, happy band. Listen: it's fun.

Gary Jules, Gary Jules

A good start if you want to buy a Gary Jules album but never want to hear that "Mad World" cover ever again.

Gary Jules and the Group Rules, Bird

A bigger band, a really good album. don't listen to it without some kind of mood leveller, though. I mean, it's not depressing, but you might get depressed.

Gary Jules, Greetings from the Side

An early album. I bought all these after seeing Mr. Jules live back in June, and I don't regret it one bit. His show was great, he and his backup were very nice, and all these recordings are totally worth listening to, especially if you're a Paul Simon fan. Look for "Trading Snake Oil for Wolf Tickets" if you do need to hear that "Mad World" cover again.

Silencio, Silencio

I bought this when it came out. I couldn't go to the CD release party, so I was one of the first people to buy it in a store. Listen to this. Listen to it and love it. It is the essence of musical style.

Moby, Destroyed

Oh Moby, why can't I quit you?

Adrian Legg, Slow Guitar

These are all new recordings of old favorites. I bought this when he played Pittsburgh, touring around with a box of recordings, just like the old days, I guess. I'm also guessing that the entire reason for these new recordings was so that he'd have an album that he totally owned himself, that he could keep in print forever instead of being constantly let down, sickened, and betrayed by other people's labels. Buy this if you need more acoustic guitar in your life.

Mogwai, A Wrenched Virile Lore

These are all remixes. The title is an anagram of "Hardcore Will Never Die", their previous album. Most of these remixes are wretched. They get better over the course of the album, turning the corner into good with the one by Zombi (!). Maybe I'm just being harsh, but I liked some of these tracks so much before they let butchers get to them.

Mono, One Step More and You Die

This band played Pittsburgh, and I'd never heard of them, and I couldn't convince myself to go, even though I knew I'd regret missing the show if I ever got into their music. Saw this album on the shelf at the used media store, and now I regret not going to the show. Stylistically sort of like Sigur Ros, but more like rock and roll, but less like that than Mogwai. It's a knife edge they're riding, and it cuts pretty deep.

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