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Dobuku Project

A dobuku is basically the historical predecessor to the modern haori jacket. There are some minor differences in style.

About a year ago, I participated in the gift exchange at a local event, and I walked away with about seen yards of polyester brocade. It's super soft and flowy, and I knew I had to make something out of it to wear for this year's incarnation of the event. I decided to make a dobuku, because I wanted an insulated jacket for warmth, and since I'd gotten this fabric as a "gift", I didn't have to feel like I was "wasting" it on something frivolous. Here's how it came out:


I lined it in plain black fabric, and padded it with the same heavy polyester batting we used in Roxanne's Laurel Cloak. This gave the soft, drapy brocade a little more body. Than it had on its own. It was the perfect shiny/fancy jacket for the event, and here's how I look in it:

A Portrait

I was toasty warm all evening. I plan to wear this on cold nights at Pennsic, too.

2013.02.01 at 10:00pm EST

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