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New York Kosode

Back around New Years, we visited my parents back where I grew up in New Jersey, and took a day trip into New York City to go fabric shopping in the Fashion District. Recently, I finished some sewing projects using that fabric, so here we go:

Blue Plaid Linen Kosode

This is a very soft linen, with a great woven-in plaid pattern. Plaid is actually more Japanese than you may think, but maybe not this plaid. This is like a school tie. Anyway, it shrank like crazy when I washed it, and you can see how much shorter it is vertically than the others.

Beige Plaid Linen Kosode

This linen is a heavier and a tad stiffer. Those grid lines are about an inch apart, making it very easy to measuer out and cut, but kind of annoying to sew if I wanted to keep everything straight, which I did. This will be a great kosode for chiller days.

It's not your imagination, that one part is longer than that other part. The edge of the fabric was uneven in the store, and the cutter gave me all the extra because what were they going to do with it? I decided to use it as it is, and the hem slopes up in the back to join the pieces evenly.

Blue Raw Silk Kosode

Speaking if chilly days, this silk is also a heavy weave. Not slubby like silk noil, but still kind of raw. It's slightly fuzzy, and very soft. This will make a great warmth layer.

Anyway, I'm pretty full up on kosode these days. If we go back to NYC for more fabric I need to focus on fancy stuff for fancy duds.

2013.02.25 at 12:00am EST

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