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Do You Want These Stuffs?

I need to clear a bunch of space in the attic, so these things to which I have insufficient emotional attachment (and many others, probably in the near future) must go. Free to good home, especially if you will pay shipping.

9" Vinyl 'Deep Space 9' figures

These 9-inch vinyl figures were sold by "Applause" in the mid nineties. They don't stand very well, but have no moving/removable parts and might be good for kids if you know any who like DS9. A little dirty and scratched, but in otherwise good shape.

Potato Head Kids

This is a complete set of Potato Head Kids figures from a Wendy's kids meal promotion in the mid eighties. Do you know anybody who has been collecting all those new Star Wars potato heads? You could sneak these in one by one. This set is utterly complete, and all the accessories are on the right bodies. Some of the vinyl is weeping plasticizer, and some of them are dusty, but they are in pretty good shape overall. A gentle washing would improve them a bunch, but I'll leave that to you if you want them.

Anyway, send me email at this domain if you want them and we'll arrange shipping.

2013.03.08 at 2:00pm EST

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