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More Stuffs

I have a couple more things to give away if you want them. Somebody gave me an all-in-one recently, so I don't need this printer or this scanner any more and they are just in the way.

Canon Pixma Printer

This perfectly good inkjet printer, plus the two spare ink cartridges that don't fit my new printer. There is nothing wrong with this USB printer, I just don't need it along with the all-in-one. Works fine with Windows XP and 7, don't know about MacOS or Windows 8. Please take this!

Canon Scanner

This ancient but working scanner may be a bit slow, but it works just fine. One nice feature is that it is entirely powered by the USB connection, meaning it is great for taking to the library or whatever. It is very slim and has a built-in carriage lock for travel. The only down side is that Canon has not released drivers for this scanner for Windows 7 or later. You will need to use an older computer, or connect it through a "Windows XP Mode" virtual machine. It works great under the VM, but I don't need to do that any more with the new all-in-one.

Anyway, these things are free, which makes them a bargain even if you have to reimburse me for shipping. Great for students or whatever.

2013.03.26 at 12:00am EST

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