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Friday Assblogging

Another person who thinks "yellow curb" means "private parking".

Mercedes SLK HZC-8509

The best part about this photo is not how the driver of this expensive sportscar is too cheap to park in the paid lot right acress the street, nor how the Pittsburgh cop ten feet to my left while I took this picture wasn't writing up a ticket, but how as I turned to look at The Officer (by which I mean "no good Pittsburgh cop) after taking this picture, The Officer raised his hand to cover his badge. THE BEST. I laughed for a good five minutes about that one. Not his job, I guess. I should have asked him if I could take a picture of him with his badge covered like that, but I didn't. It was very patriotic. As I walked away, a van from the Pittsburgh Parking Authority drove right past this illegally parked car. Bigger fish to fry, I guess.

2013.05.17 at 12:00am EDT

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