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Wow, Florida

Wow. Florida has once again proven that it may be a nice place to think about visiting, but you wouldn't want to actually go there.

In Florida, it's OK to put a gun in your waistband and prowl around a neighborhood hunting for people you think look suspisicious. If you find such a person, it's OK to call the cops on them for no reason (bearing in mind that it's apparently OK in this entire country for the cops to beat or kill nearly anybody for no reason), then continue harassing that person. Then, if that person decides you're a threat, and reacts violently because they can tell you're a physical threat, it's OK in Florida to just kill that person.

George Zimmerman wen out at night with a gun, looking for somebody to shoot. When he found that person, that person died. In Florida, that's OK. The weather's horrible down there, too.

2013.07.14 at 09:00am EDT

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