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Mini-Project: Saw Rack

For a couple of months now, I've needed a better system for storing my saws. The way I had them, there wasn't enough room for all of them., and sometimes it was awkward to get the one I wanted.

One thing I couldn't figure out was whether the saws should be hung with the blades flat against the wall, or perpendicular to the wall. Recently, when I did some searching around, I saw a coupld of people who had made saw racks to hold the blades at a angle to the wall. It's obvious once somebody points it out to you.

The other thing I couldn't figure out was how to hang the rack from my workshop pegboard. In my searching, I saw a method for hanging any wooden object from a pegboard by putting a couple of L-hooks into the back. This guy even had a small saw rack outfitted with hooks (PDF Link).

Finally, I realized that I still had a junky little shelf I had made in the (mandatory) Woodshop Safety and Basic Use course at Techshop. This was a good class project since we needed to use a few different pieces of equipment to make it, but it wasn't very useful to me as a shelf. It was an excellent thing to make into a saw rack, though.

Saw Rack

I drilled some big holes to hold the ends of the handles, then cut some long slots on the band saw to accept the blades. I even drilled a hole off to the side for my yotsume kiri. There's even an extra slot for a saw that is yet to be purchased, and some more room for other things should the need arise.

Saw Rack Slots

Here's a closer-up of the slots. The big holes are about an inch and a quarter in diameter, and the slots go all the way to the back of the hole. I probably should have cleaned up those slots a little, but didn't bother.

I really like this L-hook system, and will probably use it again.

2013.07.25 at 12:00am EDT

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