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Latest Tabi Project

When I made my first pair of tabi back in 2008, I decided that I should really make a pair of tabi every year in order to keep pace with them wearing out. Then, I didn't make any tabi in 2010 and 2012. I finished up a pair this week, but I'm still behind schedule.

Green Tabi

The shell of these is made out of some heavy green hemp/linen fabric I had left over from a larger project. I tried to make these match the illustration in the Tanki Yoriaku armoring manual at little better, so they are a bit taller and don't have ties. They'll be held in place by the kyahan, hopefully. They are lined in some unbleached muslin, and the lining is applied so that the raw edges of both layers are between the layers. This means a bit more sewing of course, and some tricky topology, but I think they feel better on the feet and should last longer.

I sewed these entirely by hand, mostly to give myself something to do during Pennsic if I didn't feel like braiding.

2013.08.12 at 12:00am EDT

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