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Three Times!

Last night at about 4:15am, somebody driving down our street smashed (and I mean smashed) into a neighbor's parked vehicle and drove off. The police arrived roughly one hour later (the station is about ten minutes away).

The crazy thing is that if the police had arrived faster, they would have caught the guy. He drove past the scene three times while we were all standing around. My guess is that he didn't actually know where he was. We live in one of those strange parts of Pittsburgh that can be difficult to get out of if you're not familiar with it.

Three times! I am not kidding. There were parts dragging off his car, and he had to drive with his head out the window since it must have been difficult to see out the windshield. He's kind of lucky this is a neighborhood full of mostly non-violent people, or I could have easily seen something bad happen to him. In any case, we all saw his face and took down his license plate number.

2013.08.18 at 6:50am EDT

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