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Green Fleece Pullover Project

One of my most indispensible pieces of clothing is a pullover that's made out of a medium blue polarfleece. It's neutral in color, and depending on what I wear it with it can be slightly dressy or mostly casual. It's awesome for travel since it's so versatile and lightweight. I wear it so much in winter that I decided I needed another one, but rather than go buy something, I thought I might make one instead.

Green Fleece Pullover

I used my favorite hoodie pattern, only I did a v-neck collar instead of a hood. This took a little bit of improvization, but it came out OK, if a little puffy due to the extra layers of fabric tiucked up inside the collar. I would love to say, "I can't wait for it to be cool enough for me to wear this," except I can so very wait for it to be cool enough for me to wear this.

I might make more of these. Since it's more versatile than a hoodie, I'd have more call or interest in wearing one. I don't have much call for hoodies these days, and I own more than enough as it is. I can almost always use another sweater, though.

2013.08.19 at 12:00am EDT

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